Author: Sofia Steeves

5 Common Dating Mistakes You Need to Stop Right Now

5 Common Dating Mistakes You Need to Stop Right Now

For many people dating is hard, you get tongue tied around someone you’re attracted to or worse you get friend zoned.  How can you date without it being awkward or ending in disaster?  Real Love Advisors Melbourne FL says that there are common mistakes that many people make when they are dipping their toes in the dating pool.  Here are 5 common dating mistakes you need to stop right now if you want your love life to improve.

Being Needy

Nobody likes needy, not in a friend and definitely not in a relationship.  Being with a needy person is exhausting and both men and women are attracted to confidence.  If someone isn’t interested in you then you need to find healthy ways to move on.  Your self-esteem shouldn’t be so wrapped up in another person that rejection crushes you.  Rejection isn’t fun, it’s also not the end of the world.

Men and Women Experience Attraction Differently

Men tend to be more visual, they see a woman and they find her attractive, that doesn’t mean dating is going to happen.  Women want to get to know you better.  That doesn’t mean you need to change yourself for the opposite sex, but understanding that attraction can manifest very differently for men and women can help you in the dating game.

He/She is Just Not that into You

Ever try and have a conversation with someone and they are polite but only giving you one word answers?  That is one way attraction, the other person isn’t really interested but they aren’t willing to come right out and say so.  Dating requires conversation and that means some back and forth, both parties need to be interested in learning about the other.

Getting Obsessed

Being attracted to someone who is not interested is normal, it happens to everyone but getting obsessed with one person is a problem.  Being crushed because someone doesn’t like you is a big old red flag and you should probably talk to someone.  Pardon the cliché but there really are more fish in the sea.  This leads directly to the next point.

Only Dating One Person

Explore your options.  That doesn’t equate to sleeping around but it does mean keeping your options open.  A first date with someone is not a commitment it’s coffee or dinner where you get to know each other.  If you decide you like each other and want to be exclusive then fantastic but until then keep your options open to what may be out there.

Help! I Can’t Make it Past the First Date

Help! I Can’t Make it Past the First Date

Television makes it look so easy, you fill out an online dating profile and three dates later you’re planning the wedding.  In the real world in never works like that!  Getting swept up in the idea of getting matched with “the one” is easy, but more often than not it is like this. Help! I can’t make it past the first date with anyone.  Dating takes skill and a dating coach can help you improve those skills.

A dating coach like Real Love Advisors Melbourne FL can work with you to help improve your dating skills and overcome the personal issues that are holding you back from having fun while dating.  People hire coaches all the time for everything from improving their career to helping them lose weight, so a dating coach really shouldn’t intimidate you.  Here are some things a dating coach can help with.

Help! I Can’t Make it Past the First Date

You go on the first date, everything seems to be going well until the evening ends.  Your date says they aren’t interested in going out again. You have no idea where you went wrong.  A coach can help you figure it out and help you get out if this rut and you won’t have to worry about being given the wrong number again.

You Have Never Been in Relationship

A long term relationship is defined as anything that lasts six months or more, is exclusive and there is intimacy involved.  If you are older than 25 and have yet to be in a relationship then you may want to work with a coach that can help you with that.  There may be some personal issue that keeps you from maintaining a relationship.  Commitment phobia is a fairly common thing, so is low self-esteem and that may be why you struggle.  Here is some help with commitment phobia.

The Opposite Sex Makes You Nervous

Nervous is okay, even highly confident people get nervous but if you are paralyzed by anxiety or you can’t even hold a conversation with the opposite sex, then you have an issue.  There are strategies to help you reduce anxiety and boost your confidence.

You Date the Wrong People

Do you always find yourself attracted to the ‘Bad Boy’ or the ‘Mean Girl’ and then you find yourself in a horrible relationship?  You can blame biology…to a point.  It is in our nature to be attracted to a type of person, but dating the same type of person leads you to the same heartbreak.  A coach can help you be aware of the people that you are attracted to and figure out if it going to be destructive.  A coach can help you break the pattern and make better relationship choices.